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The wine culture


Vilafranca and the Penedès..., the Penedès and Vilafranca. Together they are a combination that will tantalise your senses. An oasis of stimulating activities, a mosaic of wine, 'cava', history, art, festivities, culture, landscape, business, gastronomy, etc… Night and day you can discover new experiences.

On foot, by car, by bicycle, flying, on a horse…or as you wish, you will find one of the most outstanding landscapes in Catalonia.

Take pleasure in losing your way through the smooth paths that twist the vines of the Penedès, and behold the image of a big garden where the fruit that is transported around the world, the grape, is grown. It is truly a masterpiece to anyone with an interest in wine culture.

Taking a stroll around the impressive Gothic centre of Vilafranca, be sure to appreciate the wonderful views of the Penedès. From the Santa Maria's belfry, stepping into the Wine Museum or simply going for a walk through the Rambles. Maybe discovering Vilafranca's Modernism, or even making 'pinya amb els castellers' (a cluster of people around the towermen). All of them are the unique and unmissable sensations, of an open and welcoming city full of history and modernity.

And if you feel like going shopping, you will discover a new shopping centre with more than eight centuries of experience. Charming shops, specialised shops, big shopping spaces and small shops, etc...

You will be pleasantly surprised at the 400 hundred Saturday market-stalls, where you will find all and everything. Moreover, if you wish to discover the fresh and natural taste of the local produce, there is a daily market of fruits and vegetables.

On the second Sunday of every month, you will find the antiquity you are looking for in the Mercat d'Artesans i del Col.leccionisme Antic (Craftsmen's Market and Ancient Collectionism). The only genuine one in the region.

What about the party atmosphere? You will find everything you are looking for: The Festa Major (the council festivity), nationally acclaimed, with the medieval Dragon, the Devils, the Giants, 'els castellers' (the towermen), and the most ancient folk dances. But you will not have to wait until the end of August to see these historical pieces filled with magic and mystery, because they rest in silence in a singular building dated from 1913. The name of which is the Casa de la Festa Major.
What are you waiting for? Discover the sensations of Catalonia, discover an extraordinary wine culture.

Come whenever you want. Whatever time of year, you will always have a wonderful time in Vilafranca. Every month, every weekend there are parties, fairs, theatre, music, exhibitions and many local traditions to experience. And at night you can enjoy these modern cinemas, nightclubs, bars and pubs, we are always in a good mood.

What can we tell you about the Penedès' wines and cavas? Vilafranca is the centre of the Penedès, the most important winemaking area of Catalonia. Make the most of your stay and discover the internationally famous wines and cavas. Step into our specialized shops, our wine-cellars and our cavas-cellars. Lose yourself in these peaceful environments and enjoy the silence that makes these products genuine pieces of art.           

What are you waiting for? Discover the sensations of Catalonia, discover an extraordinary wine culture.


Poultry is the identifying characteristic of Vilafranca del Penedès cooking. Fowls, ducks, cockerels, and turkeys are reared in the traditional way, free range and in the open air. The typical methods and ingredients of Vilafranca cuisine are totally natural. With traditional dishes of poultry complemented by plums, pine nuts, pears and a large variety of vegetables, as well as other products like fish and meat.

Many restaurants use not only quick and economical methods of cooking, but also the most elaborate and specialised techniques in addition to all the typical products of the region.


The Penedès is the most important wine-growing region in Catalonia due to the quantity and quality of its products. The weather variations throughout the Penedès from the coast to the high zones allow the cultivation of different varieties of grapes which offer a wide range of acknowledged quality wines. 

Aromatic young white wines, dry and breeding white wines, soft rosé, and tasty red wines, as well as full-bodied wines, misteles (brandy distilled from fermented fruit juice), old wines and brandies. The Penedès is responsible for more than 90% per cent of the peninsular's production of cava, with a high level of taste and quality that is internationally renown.


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